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    Remington College wants to help make college more affordable. That's why we are proud to offer three scholarship opportunities to future students who qualify and meet the scholarship eligibility criteria.(1)

    Our Academic Achievement Scholarship is a merit-based award for academic excellence while in high school, and our New Career Success Scholarship is a need-based award for those who meet specific financial criteria, and our Career Ready Scholarship is available to civil servants, first responders, law enforcement officers, active military, reservist or a government agency employee..

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    Scholarships Available at Remington College:

    Since its founding, Remington College has been committed to the success of its students and providing educational opportunities in the communities it serves. We’re proud to be able to make college more affordable for many living in these communities by offering academic merit- and need-based scholarship opportunities to students.

    Career Ready Scholarship

    The Career Ready Scholarship, is designed to make college affordable for civil servants, first responders, law enforcement officers, active military, reservist or a government agency employee.

    Academic Achievement Scholarship

    This scholarship is awarded to students who have shown academic excellence while in high school by graduating with a Grade Point Average of 3.0 or higher, and who show the potential to succeed in college. The Academic Achievement Scholarship is our way of rewarding students who had good high school grades and who are looking for hands-on, career-focused training.(2) 

    New Career Success Scholarship

    The New Career Success Scholarship, a need-based scholarship, is designed to make college affordable for students that may otherwise not be able to fund the cost of attending Remington College. It was also designed to achieve the following goals established when we founded Remington College: To provide an educated work force to local employers and, more importantly, to offer achievable educational opportunities to non-traditional students who are driven to seek a college education and success in a new career.(2) 

    Scholarships for College: What they are and why you should apply

    Simply put, scholarships are a form of financial aid that does not have to be repaid.

    • Academic or merit-based scholarships typically reward students for their past educational success. Did you graduate from high school with honors or a high GPA? Then you may qualify for a merit-based scholarship.
    • Need-based scholarships are awarded to students who meet certain income requirements. These types of scholarships are available to students who may not be able to afford a college education. Do you need help paying for college? Then keep an eye out for need-based scholarships and see if you can meet the requirements.
    • Career Ready scholarships are awarded to students who meet certain employment requirements.

    If you’re thinking about college, Remington College encourages you to look for scholarship opportunities such as state sponsored programs, as well as those that may be available from the college you’re considering. Scholarship programs are intended to make college more affordable and help cover living expenses while you are in college.

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