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  • Medical Assisting

    Remington College's Medical Assistant diploma program can help you take the first step towards a career in the health care industry.(1) As a student you will study proper patient care techniques, human anatomy and phlebotomy.

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    Medical Assistant Diploma Program at Remington College

    Medical assistants play a critical role in the daily operations of doctor's offices, clinics and healthcare facilities. As a healthcare professional, you'll be interacting with patients by taking vital signs, preparing them for exams and explaining what they're about to experience during their visit.

    In addition to the personal interactions, you may be responsible for administrative duties that include filing medical records, handling insurance forms and scheduling appointments. You'll most likely report to a doctor or nurse and handle incoming communication to the office or department. Medical assistants are an important aspect of any healthcare operation and can make or break the patient's experience.

    Hands-on Medical Assistant Training

    Remington College's medical assistant school will help prepare you for your transition into the real world through training in the classroom, familiarizing you with medical terminology and hands-on experience in a lab. The medical assistant program provides you with the opportunity to work in an externship(3) alongside doctors, nurses and patients giving you an idea of what your career will be like after you graduate.(1)


    Employment for qualified medical assistants is projected to grow 23% from 2014-2024(2), much faster than the average for all occupations, and there are many opportunities to change settings from offices and practices to hospitals to find the best fit for you.(1)

    There are several career options available to medical assistants in a clinical and administrative setting.

    • Administrative medical assistants
    • Clinical medical assistants
    • Ophthalmology and Optometry Practices
    • Podiatric Practices


    Remington College offers alternative educational routes that may help you further expand your education and potential career options in the field. Certification, licensure requirements and procedures may vary by state. Click here to learn more about available certification opportunities.

    Medical Assistant School Locations

    Remington College's medical assistant program is offered at the following campuses: