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  • HVAC Technician Training

    The need for skilled, well-trained heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technicians is predicted to grow(1) as energy costs rise, policy initiatives evolve, and standards change. Concern for the environment and an emphasis on cost-efficient, energy-saving appliances will create excellent job prospects for HVAC technicians who have completed training from an accredited technical school.

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    Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC): Cool Career with Hot Potential!

    • HVAC Training in accordance with the national skill standards for HVAC technicians.
    • Work with demonstration models in hands-on skills labs.
    • Prepare for Type I, II, III, and Universal EPA certification testing.
    • Help to "green" America by replacing old AC/refrigeration equipment with new energy-efficient models.

    Even in tough economic times, there will likely be a continuing need for trained HVAC specialists to install, maintain, troubleshoot, repair, and upgrade all of the intricate systems we depend on daily.

    Remington College's diploma program offers you a chance to learn the many aspects of the multifaceted HVAC industry, including:

    • Residential/light commercial heating and cooling fundamentals
    • Residential/light commercial refrigeration and freezers
    • Domestic air conditioning/refrigeration appliances
    • Indoor air quality standards
    • Evaporators, compressors, condensers, and expansion components

    All coursework is in accordance with the national skill standards for HVAC technicians. The HVAC technician training program is currently offered at Remington College in Cleveland, OH; Dallas, TX; Fort Worth, TX, Greenspoint, TX, Webster, TX, Memphis, TN, and Nashville, TN.

    Focus on Practical, Hands-On Training

    After learning the HVAC technician basics, you'll have several opportunities to apply and fine-tune your knowledge by working with demonstration models in our HVAC technician school skills labs.

    As a graduate, you can pursue an entry-level HVAC position with contracting companies, manufacturers, or wholesalers in specialty areas like residential/light commercial heating, cooling, and refrigeration; commercial freight and the shipping of refrigerant systems; and domestic air conditioning/refrigeration appliances.

    Completing this HVAC Technician Training program may also help to prepare you for Type I, II, III, and Universal EPA HVAC certification testing in your state. Passing these tests will enable you to work on air conditioners and refrigeration systems as specified under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act.