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  • HVAC Certifications

    If you're someone who perform maintenance, service, repair, or disposal that could release refrigerants (and the chemicals in them) from appliances into the atmosphere, you will be required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to hold specific certifications to ensure that the refrigerants are handled correctly.

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    At our campuses in Cleveland, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Memphis, we designed a program that offers both hands-on training and opportunities for HVAC certification - because we realize that both are beneficial to students working towards becoming professional HVAC technicians.

    Types of HVAC Certifications

    The EPA Universal Certification requires all individuals who open a system or container holding a controlled refrigerant to be certified with the EPA Section 608 Certifications.

    Within Section 608 Certifications, there are four types of certifications that HVAC technicians will need before they can begin professionally servicing, repairing, or disposing the appliances they will be trained to work with. Because the job duties that HVAC technicians plan to pursue can vary, it may not be necessary to take all four of the exams.

    Remington College HVAC instructors and staff can help students determine which HVAC certification exams they should take.

    EPA Certifications:

    • Type I Certification - A Type I certification is required for HVAC technicians primarily servicing small appliances such as domestic refrigerators, window air conditioners, and vending machines.
    • Type II Certification - A Type II certification is required for HVAC technicians primarily servicing and disposing equipment using a high pressure refrigerant. Examples of such equipment include residential air conditioners and heat pumps, supermarket refrigeration and process refrigeration.
    • Type III Certification - A Type III certification is required for HVAC technicians primarily servicing and disposing equipment using a low pressure refrigerant. These units are primarily chillers.
    • EPA Universal Certification - A Universal certification is required for HVAC technicians who service all types of equipment.
      • The EPA Universal Certification exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions: 25 Core questions, 25 Type I questions, 25 Type II questions, and 25 Type III questions.
        • A score of 72% is required to pass each section, which means 18 of the 25 questions must be answered correctly in order to obtain each certification.
        • If an HVAC technician taking a Universal Exam fails to pass all sections, but passes the Core Section and at least one other section, a certification card for the types passed will be issued. For example, if you pass the Core questions and Type III questions, but fail Type I and Type II questions, you will have a Type III certification. If retaking the exam, only the sections failed need to be repeated.

    How Remington College helps HVAC students earn the EPA Certifications

    We understand how important HVAC certifications are to gaining employment after graduation and with that in mind we have built them into both our HVAC curriculum and the cost of your certifications is included in you tuition price.

    • Included in the price of Remington College HVAC student's tuition is the cost of their first attempt at the EPA certification exams, which would otherwise cost approximately $100.
    • HVAC students at our Memphis and Cleveland colleges will receive an HVAC certification study package from Remington College and register to take the EPA 608 Certification exam in their 3rd module.
    • By the end of their 4th module of HVAC classes, each student will be scheduled to take the EPA exams.
    • Students will take EPA Universal exam at the Remington College campus.
    • Test results should be available on www.EPAtest.com within two weeks of the tests being delivered to the EPATest.com. Passing certificates will be mailed to the student's home addresses.

    The exam breaks down into the following sections:

    • EPA Core section
    • EPA Type I section
    • EPA Type II section
    • EPA Type III section

    If a student does not pass all sections of the exam, but wishes to re-test in order to obtain the EPA Universal certification, it is then up to the student to find their own means of payment and to schedule the re-test with an outside proctor.