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  • Plug into a Career in Electronics and Computer Technology!

    The increase in computer use over the last decade has led to a demand for trained specialists in electronics and computer technology. Remington College's Electronics and Computer Technology Program is designed to provide you with the basic knowledge and skills you need to enter this dynamic field. The Electronics and Computer Technology Program is offered at our Memphis, TN college campus.

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    Classes cover a range of topics, including:

    • Computer architecture
    • Electricity and electronic circuits
    • Semi-conductor devices
    • Microprocessors
    • Automated control systems

    Our program is designed to teach the fundamentals and theory of electronics, integrated circuits, microprocessors and computer technology.

    • Train for a potential career in a broad array of consumer, industrial, office automation, and telecommunications industries.
    • Study basic and advanced electronics, integrated circuitry, microprocessors, and computers.
    • Play a key role in enabling today's highly powered, well-connected world!
    • Start your career fully equipped with our electronics kit (included in tuition)!

    Gain Skills Needed for Career in Electronics and Computer Technology

    And since troubleshooting is often an essential part of jobs in this industry, gaining customer service skills along with technical knowledge becomes increasingly important.

    Graduates from this degree program may qualify for a number of entry-level electronics technology positions, including:

    • Computer service technician
    • Installation technician
    • Sales representative in computer-related industries
    • Field service technician
    • Electronic laboratory technician