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  • Cosmetology Course Curriculum

    Remington College's Cosmetology school curriculum provides training in the fundamentals of skin, hair and nail care with both classroom and salon instruction.

    Unlike traditional classroom settings, our training facility is actually a full-service, salon-like environment where you can practice hair care and styling, nail care and artistry, and make-up application.

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    Cosmetology Classes

    In as few as twelve months(1) students will have the opportunity to learn practices from industry experts, explore trends and techniques, and work with real clients. Additionally, the curriculum is designed to help students prepare for the state board licensing exam and earn a Matrix CRAFT Certificate.

    If you're interested in helping clients look their best, call Remington College to discuss an education in Cosmetology!

    COS I - A
    This course is an introduction to the cosmetology industry and the basic services cosmetologists perform. Coursework covers the history of cosmetology, levels of opportunity within the industry, rules and regulations set forth by the state board of cosmetology, communication, success skills, and professional image. The course also includes basic instruction and practice in manicure and pedicure procedures, skin care and facials, and scalp and hair care services. As a part of their training, students are expected to perform clean-up duties such as sweeping, mopping, cleaning counters and equipment, and laundering towels.

    COS I - B
    In this course, basic anatomy and physiology, properties of hair and scalp, and the basics of chemistry and electricity are studied. This course also includes practice in the skills of chemical relaxing, permanent waving, and hair color principles and techniques.

    COS I - C
    This course focuses on the study and practice of hair design, hair shaping (cutting), thermal styling, product knowledge of shampoos and conditioners, shampooing techniques, draping, and client protection and safety.

    COS II - A
    This course includes performing services for clients in a professional salon setting. Classroom and lab instruction and practice includes braiding and extensions, wig styling and care, and chemical texturizing, such as permanent waving concepts, and hair color theory and applications.

    COS II - B
    This course includes performing client services and practicing shampooing and proper draping techniques. Hair color techniques such as frosting and tipping are introduced. Classroom and lab instruction includes histology of the skin, hair removal and facial services.

    COS II - C
    This course includes facial make-up and artistry, structure and growth of the nails, nail art, and hair coloring techniques such as foil highlighting and framing. Practice continues in manicure and pedicure skills, as well as other services that may be requested by clients.

    COS II - D
    This course provides an introduction to salon management and a refresher for state rules and regulations as they pertain to bacteriology and sanitation. Focus of instruction is on client services, skills practice, front desk procedures, and inventory control.

    COS II - E
    This course is designed to refresh students on the subject of anatomy and physiology, and how cosmetology services and products can affect the body. Basic chemistry is reviewed through instruction on creating custom formulas of hair color and lighteners. Salon practice of hairstyling, cutting, and other basic services continues.

    COS II - F
    This course includes the study of shampoos and conditioning products and the practice of styling, shaping, chemical relaxing and curl reformation. This course also includes performing services for clients and models in a professional salon setting. Upon completion of a minimum of 1000 hours, students are eligible to take the written portion of the state board exam.

    COS III - A
    This course propels students further into the professional salon environment. Students are instructed to practice and perfect their skills in a salon setting, performing a variety of services for clients and models, scheduling appointments and practicing salon management. Focus of practice is on hair design and shaping.

    COS III - B
    This course includes performing services for clients and models, and maintaining client records in a salon setting. Focus of practice is on hair lightening and framing, as well as nail and skin care.

    COS III - C
    This course includes performing services for clients and models, and maintaining client records in the salon setting. Focus of practice is on permanent waving and chemical relaxing. This course also includes completion of a practical exam, or "Mini-Board" on all the previously taught courses to prepare students for licensing.