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  • Career Services: We're Working to Get YOU Working

    At Remington College, we love to see our students succeed, not just in the classroom but in the industry they've trained for and are prepared to join.(1)

    This means that if you choose to pursue a degree or diploma with us, our commitment to you can start early in your program and won't end once your classes are over. Our team of Career Services Representatives at each campus is ready to work with you as you make your move from college classroom to career.(1)

    Call or request information to get started!

    How Career Services Is Here for You:

    • Help with Employment Applications and Résumés: We can help you design your résumé, offer tips on writing it, help you with employment applications, and more.
    • Assistance with Professional Development: We can help you with interviewing skills, give you tips on professional appearance, and offer valuable advice on how to follow up after your interviews.
    • Help Connecting with Potential Employers: We invite employers to visit our campuses and get to know you as you prepare to graduate, help set up interviews or pre-employment screenings (on campus or off), and talk about current and future job openings.(1)
    • Staffing to Help Every Graduate: Our Career Services Departments are staffed to be able to work with every Remington College graduate. You're not just a number, and you won't have to get on a waiting list to speak with Career Services. In fact, we may even reach out to you first!

    Bottom line: We're dedicated to helping you make your career dreams a reality.(1) So get to know us!