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  • Associate in Criminal Justice

    Remington College offers training in corrections, crime scene analysis, evidence handling, safety, criminal prosecution and trials, and inmate control through our associate degree in Criminal Justice program.

    Criminal justice courses are also offered in constitutional law, criminology and forensic science, including crime scene scenarios that introduce you to criminal investigation and crime scene preservation.

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    Criminal Justice: Answer the Call

    • Gain a real-world understanding of criminal behavior and the criminal justice system.
    • Answer the call to public service.
    • Enter one of today's most personally fulfilling career fields.
    • Choose from a variety of potential career options.
    • Pursue a career that makes a difference in the community!

    If you're looking for a career that can really make a difference, consider a degree in criminal justice. This field can be a great fit for individuals who are dedicated to serving their community.

    Criminal Justice Career-Relevant Training

    Job opportunities in the field of criminal justice include:

    • Corrections Officer
    • Private Investigator
    • Law Enforcement Officer
    • Loss Prevention Officer
    • Security Officer

    If you want to qualify for a job in criminal justice, a degree in criminal justice is a good place to start.(1)

    During our two-year program, you'll have multiple opportunities to train in simulated real-world criminal justice settings. Laboratory work includes fingerprint analysis and blood spatter detection. You'll also be trained in current industry-standard equipment, including microscopes, fingerprinting kits, and the Laser Shot tool, which simulates real-world situations in which you may be called on to draw your weapon.