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  • Top Reasons You Should Consider Remington College

    Majors, entrance exams, college accreditation, financial aid, and admissions applications: You have so many things to think about when you consider which college to attend.

    Here are the top reasons to consider Remington College: 

    1. Our classrooms and labs are hands-on.
      Lecture halls and endless book assignments aren’t for everyone, and at Remington College we understand that, which is why our classes tend to focus on hands-on more than hands-off learning. Our degree and diploma programs are career-focused, which often translates to hands-on. Depending on your program, you’ll have the chance to learn in laboratories, mock clinics, or student salons while practicing on modules or models, with kits and tools of the trade.
    2. We know which skills are in demand in our communities.
      We don’t offer a degree or diploma program until research shows that those skills will be in demand by local employers.(1) Our research includes studying data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, working with local organizations to learn which certifications are needed, and building relationships with companies who can potentially hire our graduates.(1)
    3. Our instructors have experience in their fields.
      We hire faculty members who have worked in the field you’re studying. This means that what you learn in class won’t just be out of a book; you’ll get the benefit of your instructors’ industry experience, insights, and first-hand knowledge.
    4. We support our students each step of the way.
      At Remington College, we get to know you as an individual – how you get to and from school, your work schedule and availability, and your goals after graduation. Our Admissions, Academic, Student Finance, and Career Services teams offer you their services every step along the way.

    Take the next step and start today! Call now to schedule a campus tour and see for yourself!